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21/5/2019 - 10/6/2019
Yusi Zang

Curated by
Emma Nixon


Viewing her canvas of the back side of a canvas isn’t an open invitation or direct gawking into realities grey matter but a standoff with Yusi Zang herself where she has the perennially fastest draw. With some serious squinting; even a face or cryptic complexion can be made out of the work. It is a simple opposition that risks perpetuating those weary lines of ‘you are your art’, or that a paintings stylistic ingenuity is stronger than the themes it alludes to– but I believe that is the ultimate comedy of ‘Flattened’; that none of these works are timeless; that “our sense of the familiar” is never actual overthrown as promised and we stand puzzled and conned still searching for the illusive ‘world hidden underneath’.


Will Kollmorgen



yawbus 1
yawbus 2
1. 蜂巢木板和水管
2. 木板和椅子腿
3. 木板和椅子垫
4. 木板和水管
5. 木板和半个水管
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